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Modernizing Shipping Operations with Manhattan Active® WM and Shipium

The future of shipping operations is available today with the partnership between Manhattan Active® WM and Shipium's end-to-end platform.

In this short conversation, learn how Manhattan customers are configuring the two solutions to stay nimble during volatile times.

  • 4% checkout conversion improvement
  • 12% reduction in parcel spend
  • 99.1% OTD during peak seasons
  • Instant access to a carrier network covering 99.2% of domestic parcel shipments
  • Elimination of legacy systems and point solutions with modern shipping tech

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Bart De Muynck
Host, Industry Expert, Thought Leader
Adam Kline
Sr. Director, Product Management
Manhattan Associates
Jason Murray
CEO, Co-Founder
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Modernize your supply chain

Optimize your shipping performance by integrating two industry leaders

Better Customer Experience

Make a competitive delivery promise you can keep

Provide delivery estimates on product pages and checkout workflows as part of your CX strategy.

  • Boost Conversion Rates
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment
  • Improve Brand Loyalty

Faster, Better, and Cheaper Shipping

Dynamically select the best shipping method every time

Improve outcomes that matter to your customers with every shipping decision optimized for speed, cost, and accuracy—in real-time.

  • Pick the best carrier method to hit the promise
  • Regular 2-day shipping is possible
  • Reduce shipping costs 5% or more

The Modern Operating Model

Intelligently orchestrate orders and shipments

Fulfillment Engine fills the gaps between your OMS and WMS to ship the right order at the right time to minimize shipping costs and maximize delivery speed and accuracy.

  • Reduce delivery costs at least 12%
  • Reduce split shipments with intelligent consolidation
  • Align your strategy with shifting business requirements

Own Your Future

Predict future changes before making them

Simulate historical shipments with new parameters (ex. new carriers, different origins) so you can analyze the likely impacts of future changes before making them. 

  • Optimize your current operations
  • Plan for the future
  • Make decisions based on data, not assumptions
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